Radiation After Lung Cancer Surgery Doesn't Help All: Study

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Treatment may not extend life for older patients with locally advanced disease



Thu Feb 16, 2012 07:03 AM

dear hopeful, my wife had stage four small cell lung cancer we had 5 months to fight it but it was in lymph nodes in her neck cutting off her air , her left lung and fully had her liver, we went to texas for second opinion had radiation done on her neck and lung it did shrink the tumors and that gave us some hope, liver cancer kept growing,could not do radiation on liver that would kill it right away , certain cancers like small cell cant be operated on because the cancer would spread all over right away,they tried 4 different chemos not even taxol could stop it,she died april 4 2008, but dont give up hope they are getting new things to try all the time, and remember GOD is in control,lean onHIM really hard with prayer ok,miracles do happen, sincerely yours mike.


Thu Feb 23, 2012 08:36 PM

The Mayo clinic has a clinical trial small cell lung cancer. It is using the Seneca Valley Virus to treat the lung cancer. Check out the website to understand how these trials work.


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