E-Cigarette Sources Soaring, Study Finds

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About 10 new brands, 240 new flavors come out every month; some quickly disappear though



Thu Jun 19, 2014 06:32 PM

in response to this report, and rumours about these E-cigarettes being banned, please provide 100% prroof why this should be, I know a lot of people who have smoked for years and have chosen these and have given up smoking, they feel no ill affects from these and feel great not only health wise they are also in pocket due to the price of cigarettes, is this ban being promoted by the government due to the lack of sales in cigarettes and now losing revenue, as far as I am concerned the there is no health issues with these.  

Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:08 AM

Perhaps the smokers of e cigs feel fine, I have had bone pain after an hour of being in a room with two e cig chain smokers....fine for those people but the vapor is coming out of their mouth to my body and I don't want exposure......my daughter used it to quit and worked fine, but for those who choose it to smoke b/c it is more politically correct , it harms me my air....and for those who chain smoke them they are getting nicotine overdose! I don't want them on my airplane flights, but now I am looked at as the meanie if I try to protect myself and say something. They are showing up everywhere with no regulation.
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