Many Lung Cancer Patients Aren't Getting Best Treatment: Study

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Thu Jan 18, 2018 07:00 PM

Has a study been done to see how many people that had radiation or chemo developed other cancers later on or died from the cancer they were being treated from? In my family, my dad had colon cancer, with only surgery to remove the tumor, no treatments. He lived to be almost 93, no other cancer and died from Aspiration Pneumonia from vomit inhaled when he was sick with his gallbladder. My mom had breast cancer, with removal of the breast and the two or so lymph nodes, no other treatments. She lived to be 96, no other cancers and died from heart failure. My aunt on my mom’s side had colon cancer over 50 years ago. She had the cancerous tumor removed, no other treatments. She has regular blood tests and colonoscopies and has had no other cancers and she is still living and is 104. Her birthday is in August. On the other hand, my uncle had bone cancer, had chemo til it was burning him and they had to stop, passed away. Two more uncles with prostrate cancer had surgery and chemo and only lived for a short time. My sister had breast cancer, surgery and chemo, had it return in her liver, endured chemo for eight years never getting better, but existed, then passed away. Two of my nephews, her sons, died from liver and stomach cancer, both had chemo. Her daughter had breast cancer at the same time she did, breast removal and lymph nodes, lots of chemo, it returned in her other breast, same thing again, then last year she had kidney cancer, had a kidney removed and chemo again. She is not doing well. Her sugar is way out of control. She has infections and her other kidney is bothering her. My oldest brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. They told him at Vanderbilt that he needed three months of radiation to shrink the tumor, then they needed to remove his esophagus. He did it. During the surgery, when the doctor was removing the esophagus, he apparently didn't use a camera because If he had he would have seen that the radiation had caused his esophagus to attach to his aorta. When he pulled it, the aorta tore, and he didn’t even know it until the blood started to come out of his mouth and nose. It took a long time to figure out what caused it. His heart stopped before they found the cause and stopped the bleeding. They revived him. His 4 hour surgery had turned into an 8 hour surgery and we were not told what happened until he was in recovery. Later that night in ICU, the bleeding started again, and his heart stopped again before they could get it under control. Again, they revived him and again we knew nothing about this until the next morning. 10 days after the surgery, he was going to be released to go home that day and his wife was walking him and he told her her needed to go back to pee. She took him back to the room and he fell back into a chair, dead from a blood clot from all the bleeding. Chemo and radiation have not been friends to my family.

Thu Jan 18, 2018 07:09 PM

I never posted that comment to discourage people from taking treatments that may or may not save their life. I am asking for answers. I am asking for more tests to be done to make certain chemo and radiation are safe for using for cancer treatments for millions of people. We know radiation exposure can cause cancer. Why is it used to treat Cancer then? You can't say it is a targeted treatment if it is administered as a pill that goes into your whole body. Please, please focus not only on killing a tumor but saving a person.
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