Cancer Treatment

Biological Therapy

Cancer may develop when the immune system breaks down or is not functioning adequately. Biological therapies, sometimes called biotherapy, immunotherapy or biological response modifier therapy, is designed to repair, stimulate, or enhance your body’s own immune responses. Immunotherapy treatments such as interferon and colony stimulating factors are used either alone, or in conjunction with other modalities such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Biological therapies may be used to:

  • Stop, control, or suppress processes that permit cancer growth;

  • Make cancer cells more recognizable, and therefore more susceptible, to destruction by your immune system;

  • Boost the killing power of your immune system cells, such as T-cells, NK-cells, and macrophages;

  • Alter cancer cells' growth patterns to promote behavior like that of healthy cells;

  • Block or reverse the process that changes a normal cell or a pre-cancerous cell into a cancerous cell;

  • Enhance your body’s ability to repair or replace normal cells damaged or destroyed by other forms of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation; and

  • Prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of your body.

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