Targeted Drug Therapies

In addition to chemotherapy, there are a variety of targeted drug therapies — also called molecular targeted treatments — for breast cancer.

Chemotherapy and Beyond

Learn more about the latest drug treatments for cancer, including targeted therapies.

Because chemotherapy aims to destroy rapidly dividing cells, it doesn’t differentiate between cancerous cells and healthy ones that are also reproducing. For this reason, chemotherapy may affect some of your healthy cells as well.

Targeted therapies, on the other hand, are aimed at specific molecules. Because they’re more selective than traditional drug treatments for cancer, they spare more healthy cells.

Ultimately, researchers hope to develop targeted therapies tailored to the unique molecular characteristics of each individual’s tumor, resulting in truly personalized treatment.

Among the most important broad categories of targeted therapies for breast cancer are:

  • Hormone therapy, which aims to block the hormones that can fuel cancer growth. Learn about hormone therapy in breast cancer treatment.

  • Biological therapy, also called immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modifier therapy. It’s designed to stimulate your immune system and improve your body’s natural cancer detection and response mechanisms. Learn about biological therapy in breast cancer treatment.

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