Lung Cancer

Living with Lung Cancer

Living lung cancer or a similar illness is challenging. Apart from having to cope with the physical and medical challenges, people living with lung cancer face many worries, feelings, and concerns that can make life difficult. They may find they need help coping with the emotional as well as the practical aspects of their disease. In fact, attention to the emotional and psychological burden of having cancer is often part of a patient's lung cancer treatment plan.

The support of your lung cancer health care team (doctors, nurses, social workers, and others), support groups, and patient-to-patient networks can help people feel less alone and upset, and improve the quality of their lives. Cancer support groups provide a safe environment where cancer patients can talk about living with lung cancer with others who may be having similar experiences. Patients may want to speak to a member of their health care team about finding a lung cancer support group or a lung cancer organization.

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