Tattoos helped me regain my confidence after breast cancer surgery!

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Tattoos helped me regain my confidence after breast cancer surgery!

by joceline on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:11 PM

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Hello Ladies, 

I was thinking about sharing this or not, for a while now, but i'm finally doing it. I know that many of you like myself, have probably struggled or are still struggling with self-esteem issues after a mastectomy or even a double mastectomy. For myself, i found it very hard: i didn't like the scars, didn't feel complete and offcourse found it very hard to talk about with my husband and kids.But you just learn to live with it, and you start feeling sort of okay again with time. But it's never really enough, you know? But then a friend of mine suggested i get a tattoo. She had read that it was a new trend and that i should look into it. At first i thought that it sounded crazy .... me? Tattoos ? That's crazy, would that help?

But you know ? I said : what do i have to lose!? It would certainly be an attempt to atleast do something about the way i felt. I wanted to feel better! And i said: Let's go for it.

I was very nervous when i walked into that studio; full of doubts and not knowing what to expect. But i did it! And i must say that it was the best decision i ever made. I Love my tattoos! My scars have been covered and i just don't look at my body the same as i used to before. I have this beautiful floral design on my body and i don't mind looking at it in the mirror. Even my kids say that i look happier. I know it's not for everyone, but i'm sharing it because: if this can help atleast one of you ... i think it's worth sharing.

I didn't know if i could share my picture on the forum; but i did find this article on Facebook with some great examples of other ladies.

I hope that if you ladies are having the same issues as i did, that you could also look into this option. And maybe it will help you too.

RE: Tattoos helped me regain my confidence after breast cancer surgery!

by Lesley88 on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:44 PM

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Stunning and a great idea!

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