Proton Therapy for Colon Cancer liver and lung mets

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Proton Therapy for Colon Cancer liver and lung mets

by RoscoeDouglas on Sun Aug 13, 2017 04:30 AM

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Roscoe Douglas,

In March 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at age 67. The treatment offered was Chemo only.  In addition to the colon cancer, I had liver and Aorta Mets.  According to the doctors at Emory in Atlanta, The Liver mets were supposed to kill me in 6 months without chemo. I refused Chemo and started on the Budwig diet.

When I first learned about proton therapy in Nov 2015, I called most of the Proton centers on the east coast, and they would not treat liver metastasis. Dr Yang at Loma Linda CA, accepted me as a patient, and in Dec 2015 after 3 days of treatment on each tumor, the liver tumors were no loner cancerous on a PET scan.

My colon tumor was removed robotically by Dr Conforti in Jan 2016 in Macon Ga,

In Feb 2016, a tumor around the aorta was treated with Proton therapy.

Proton treatment on 7 tumors began on August 15th and continued until Sept 28th 2016. One aorta tumor and 6 lung tumors.

In Nov 2016 Dr Yang found 20 more lung tumors and told me that I should get my affairs in order, and that he felt that I had less than 6 months to live. He scheduled a follow up visit for Mar 2017 if I was able to fly.

I felt fine, and on Feb 18 2017, I had a Poppy 69 + Lola 1 = 70 birthday party. Lola is my youngest granddaughter who was born on my birthday Feb19th, 2016. I organized a walk run, and completed my 140th marathon that day. 

In March 2017, I returned to Loma Linda and Dr Yang treated 5 more lung tumors.

I Returned to Loma Linda Aug 1st 2017, and Dr Yang is now treating 9 more lung tumors with Proton therapy. He grouped the tumors into groups of 5, 2 and 2. He is doing treatments for 10 minutes per day for 3 days on each group. I have at least 2 more lung tumors that he will treat in Feb 2018, may be more if others have grown by then.

I continue to do the Budwig diet, and take several vitamins and drink Pomegranate juice each day.

I believe that friends and family praying for me has been a big factor in my survival so far. I lot of people have asked me how I can have a positive attitude with terminal cancer.   I am not afraid to die. I know Jesus, and as a Christian, death is just a Change Of Address.

RE: Proton Therapy for Colon Cancer liver and lung mets

by KCLIM on Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:16 AM

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Stay positive! And may god bless you!

Just chanced upon your post. I am from another corner of the world, Singapore.

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