Making cannabis suppositories

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Making cannabis suppositories

by GeoffreyLevens on Fri Nov 03, 2017 04:33 AM

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Posting for friend with multiple myeloma. Live pretty far from dispensaries so in D.I.Y. mode. Have cannabis oil (Phoenix Tears, Simpson's Oil) in syringes. Does not seem to want to mix into melted cocoa butter but rather clumps up and sinks unless constantly stirred. Had an idea but no idea about absorption in the way I was thinking---

  • Rather than trying to melt/mix the cannabis into the cocoa butter, instead make dose sized dabs on wax paper.
  • Then refrig or even freeze for a few minutes.
  • Fill mold w/ melted cocoa butter and
  • Picking doses of cannabis off the wax paper, stick one in each of the mold sections with the cocoa butter.
  • Chill and done

That way you end up with an "insert-able dab" of cannabis. Fairly quick and easy and only would take on pair of hands. The key bit of course is if that concentrated little piece of resin would absorb well.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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