Ultrasound and CT Scan Results

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Ultrasound and CT Scan Results

by Rosannette on Tue Nov 14, 2017 01:53 PM

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Hello all. I am going to make this a long story - short to avoid a novel lol

Bloodwork CBC: Everything Normal.

Ultrasound Results: Multiple enlarged lymph nodes are present in the right and left neck, the largest in the right neck measures 3.2 cm, the largest in the left neck measures 1.8 cm. The enlarged lymph nodes are indeterminate.

Impression: Multiple bilateral adenopathy that is moderately enlarged. These findings could reflect reflect Lymphoma or malignancy.

CT Scan Results: (Only thing showing abnormal) - There is a Punctate Hypodensity in the Inferior left Thyroid Lobe that is non specific.

I am going to request further probing of the CT Scan Results.. Has anyone had anything like this appear in theirs? Any explanation of what that could be? Is that something that could be biopsied?

I have a long family history of Cancer, one being Thyroid Cancer. But the concern here I believe may be Lymphoma. After the CT Scan my Doctor hasn't scheduled any further testing, and I don't know if I should request a Biopsy.

RE: Ultrasound and CT Scan Results

by Fryer65 on Thu Nov 16, 2017 03:01 PM

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Had a few enlarged lymph nodes myself in the neck area. Doc did complete bloodwork, white cell count was really high. They sent me for pet scan of neck then to ENT specailist. He removed large lymph from back of neck and tested. Lymphomia Mantel B was found slow growth. Then I was sent for a full pet scan done. Met with Oncologist @ UNC.  Stage 4, slow groth at 25%. Did 6 treatments of R-chop and now in remission. Had bone marrow checked , came out clean. Just completed Granix shots & stem cell extraction two weeks ago. Had them freeze them in case down the road there needed. Right now I do maintence every two months for a year. It's been tough, I will not lie about it. The tome needed & missed with loved ones. I was very fortunate with the chemo , hardly any side affects and downtime from work. Now it's one day at a time with both eyes wide open on getting my life back. Get yourself checked out, get a 2nd opinion if need be. They say Lymphomia is a old mans disease.  ( Mark @ 51 )

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