NHL Remission - anxiety concerns

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NHL Remission - anxiety concerns

by jms32362 on Thu Feb 01, 2018 04:26 AM

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I hope I am posting to the correct area. Some quick background.. I was diagnosed with stage four NHL (large B cell diffused) in December of 2014 and completed treatment (six rounds of R-CHOP) in April of 2015. Had a PET in early May 2015 that gave me the all clear. I then had visits every three months for the first year, with a CT every other time if I recall correctly. At the one year mark (May 2016) I moved to two visits a year. My last visit, with CT, was in October of 2017 and I have a visit coming up in late April - with no CT planned. 

I am having extreme anxiety about cancer returning and about not having scans. I feel like I need the scans to ease my fears, but I also understand that I do not need to continue exposing myself to radiation that may not be needed. The past two weeks the anxiety has gotten exponentially worse and it is causing me to wake up at night. I've resorted to using some left of Ativan that I had from treatment - which honestly should have been thrown away based on the dates at this point. I tried take one per night for a week and I do not notice an improvement. I've switched to decaf coffee only and I am doing every self-help trick that I can think of to help - but I seem to be striking out. 

How often do those of you in remission get scans? And are they PET or CT? Has anyone experienced a similar issue, and if so how did you help yourself out of it? The amount of time that I think about a reoccurrence cannot be healthy and I can't imagine living like this until my appointment in April - but I also want to be respectful of my oncologist time... and I don't want to seem like a basket case either. I feel like I have regressed in my emotional health and I don't think there was a trigger associated with that... it's so frustrating. Any feedback that you all have would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

** sorry, also posted in Lymph board before I saw this one. I am new here! ** 

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