BCG risks for VERY weak immune system

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BCG risks for VERY weak immune system

by andrew2018 on Fri Apr 06, 2018 09:59 PM

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Hello - I have a question regarding BCG treatment. My father has recently finished months of radiation/chemo and surgery. He is still left with CIS carcinoma in situ and has been given two treatment options:  bladder removal or BCG. However, he has a VERY weak immune system due to a 12-year cancer history including lymphoma and mesothelioma. I have heard there are serious complications such as sepsis associated with BCG. My questions are:

1) if he undergoes BCG, how dangerous is it for a person with his type of weakened immune system? And is there anything they can do help boost his immune system prior to treatment?

2) If he were to have complications from BCG, how early can they spot those signs and effectively treat a life-threatening complication?

3) Any additional treatment recommendations aside from just the bladder removal or BCG?

Thanks so much for any help/ advice you can offer!!! Andrew

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