Ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer

by ChrisPurdy on Fri May 25, 2018 09:44 PM

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I am new to this site and I am not majorly computer literate so please bare with. 

My name is Chris. My wife's name is Sarah.

Five and a half year's ago Sarah swelled up and the local GP believed that it was gas. 

It turned out to be ovarian cancer, stage 4. 

Since then we have gone through the first chemo cycle of six treatments with a 'de-bulking' operation, then a second chemo cycle of six treatments with another de-bulking op.

We are now on our third treatment of chemo in our fourth cycle.

Sarah wants to stop chemo treatment at four this time. She is fed up of the chemo effect and we both know that cancer just keeps growing even quicker as each cycle stops.

We are going to have a scan to show the results so far and if cancer seems to be knocked back then Sarah will choose not to finish the six cycle treatment this time.

We are tired of cancer. We are tired of being tired. We are coping with living 'on hold' as all of you who read this must be.

Sarah would love to hear from a woman that has survived ovarian cancer for fifthteen years plus, that would give her so much hope.

We do not sit and despair. We get up and go, when chemo allows. 

But as time continues, five and a half years with cancer, I feel so tired and I look at my wife and fun and laughter is still in her eyes and in our lives but also, at times, a drained, so tired expression exisists, the chemo face, the cancer face.

We would like inspiration...have you survived for how long?....whoooo. 

We need inspiration, as a husband and joke maker I'm running out of ideas as to how to encourage and keep a grip upon our sanity rather than falling into a grief state.

Sarah wants to know is there anybody out there who is surviving ovarian cancer after 15 years?  Any answers?

I will be grateful for responses and will reply as and when I can.


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