Occasional difficulty swallowing

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Occasional difficulty swallowing

by aaashay on Thu Jun 07, 2018 02:49 PM

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Hello, here is my dad's case in brief.

July 2016- stage 3, grade 2 esophagus SCC.

Aug- Oct. 2016- 35 radiations and 5 weekly chemos

Nov. 2016- PET/ CT confirmed NED.

April 2017- trouble swallowing; endoscopy confirmed mild stricture in esophagus.  Dr. asked to take a break for a few days with those foods that trouble him.

Dec. 2017- PET/ CT confirmed NED.

March- occasional difficulty swallowing (like once in 10-15 days, but goes off with water or when he takes a break, otherwise he has been able to eat anything and everything). March 2018 also had an abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray and CBC blood test. Confirmed NED.

June 2018- Dr. did not ask to do chest x- ray this time; just abdominal ultrasound and CBC. Why not x- ray? Should I worry about this occasional swallowing problem or it could be because of the stricture diagnosed in April 2017 ?

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated, thank you all !

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