What works or can help

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What works or can help

by spnotar555 on Fri Jun 08, 2018 01:31 AM

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My Uncle was diagnosed with Glio... in March 2018

His most recent MRI reasults no further growth.

He has been taking quite a bit of supplements...including a paste that has equal parts of organic coconut oil/Tumeric  Guinea Hen weed tea     Astragalus  Vitamins E-400iu  D3-1000-5000iu  C B12 B-complex,and some medications which i am unaware of at this point as i am not the P.O.A.

My question is ,should he be on all these things?

Does anyone here know something he should be on that can help / heal the most?

He is 71 ,and is very health concious,and has  been for a good while.


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