At what point do I need to be concerned

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At what point do I need to be concerned

by Evenglass on Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:58 AM

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This will be very clinical for me as I explain. I'm a 33 yo female. Started my period at age 12. Never kept track of it. Never really noticed it until after kids. Gravida 2 para 2 via c-sect. (10 & 9). After my last child I opted for a tubal. 2.5 years later had severe lower back pain. Transabdominal ultrasound showed left hydrosalpinx and fluid in endometrial canal. Had an ex lap and removed the left hydrosalpinx. The sever pain went away but still had dull ache. Now, since about 2 years ago my period has a mind of its own. It come every month or more. It is extremely heavy the 1st 2 days. Heavy as in bleeding through super plus tampon every two hours. I don't use tampons at night but feel gushing blood ever 2 hrs or so. Blood clots happen all the time. At first they were the size of a pencil eraser. Now the size of a quarter and larger. The pain is significant during my period.

During the entire month there is not a day that I don't have pain. Not associated with my period. Lower back pain. Severe pelvic pain. Pain with sex. (No vaginal pain, I am going to say it is uterine pain). Painful Bloating. Indigestion. I feel full quick (that is not a constant thing at all, just every once in a while). Nausea pretty often. Moody a lot. Tired all the time. Brain fog occasionally.

Most recent exam( within the month) had neg culture and neg pap. Ordered a transabdominal US it appeared all good. No mass.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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