Early Symptoms and Signs of UC

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Early Symptoms and Signs of UC

by Limarick on Tue Jun 26, 2018 03:00 AM

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Hello all, I have a question to put to everyone who has had the diagnosis of UC made.  I am trying to "establish" the natural history of this cancer, to see if whether greater and earlier vigilance could help earlier diagnosis.

I have posted here before and have followed the discussions since joining.  I was diagnosed with UC in October 2016, followed by immediate excision of the tumour, followed by a more extensive excision of the dome of the bladder and urachus.  The margins of the excision were clear.

I elected to have chemotherapy - 4 courses over 3 months.  It is now almst 2 years since diagnosis.  So far, all follow-up investigations have been negative ... so here's hoping.

I am a medical practitioner who had special interest in Men's  Health.  I had been fairly meticulous in putting myself through regular urological reviews.  I did everything annually, except for the second to last (before diagnosis) bladder ultrasound scan, which I skipped for one year.  During that interval, the mass grew undetected.  At diagnosis, my UC was 2 - 3 cm in diameter.  I had no other symptoms ... except .....

And this is an occurence which I have noticed among people I have corresponded with via my own Facebook page = Urachal Adenocarcinoma (you can find me there).

It appears to me that the earliest symptom of UC is the "innocuous" passage of mucus in the urine.  Under "normal circumstances", doctors accept that passage of uninfected mucus in the urine is within "Normal".  So there is a tendency to ignore this occurance.

I passed sterile mucus for at least a year.  I tested my urine and found nothing else abnormal.  I sent the urine to a pathology laboratory, and the urine and mucus were reported as normal.  My urologist was also not concerned about the presence of mucus.

Knowing that UC is an adenocarcinoma and contains mucus secreting cells, the finding of mucus in the urine would/could be a "Red Flag".  Would a cosly scrutinised bladder ultrasound scan done at the finding of mucus plugs in the urine show a lump?

So my question is: For all UC sufferers, think back to your early days, long before you first observe blood in your urine, were you passing mucus plugs?

I hope to hear from all of you.

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