What I wish I would have know - Esophageal Cancer

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What I wish I would have know - Esophageal Cancer

by clabei92 on Thu Jul 26, 2018 04:05 PM

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Hi All,

I wanted to write a post to hopefully help others. My dad was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer in March of 2018 and he just passed a week ago.. July 2018.

I feel that so many things could have been prevented and I don't want others to wind up like my poor dad.

First off, the most important advice I have is, you need to be your biggest advocate!! Doctors are too busy to be your biggest advocate so you need to be one yourself and/or for your family memeber who has cancer. Demand things!!!

My dad went in with stomach pain in NOVEMBER and the doctos said it was acid reflux. My dad went in a second time and told him it was arthritis in his sternum... FINALLY in March they did an endoscopy and found cancer. I just wonder everyday that if my dad would have demanded a endocopy back in November, would he still be alive today.

Second is, do not let yourself get too weak. Your body needs to have nutrients to fight off the cancer. If you feel you are getting too weak- get a feeding tube!! These are not always permanent. Stay strong, keep moving, do physical therapy. These are so important.

RE: What I wish I would have know - Esophageal Cancer

by siutis12 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 01:33 AM

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May God bless you.  I had a similar experience.  No less than four doctors from different disciplines misdiagnosed me from first symptoms on October 6, 2017 until my endoscopy and biopsy on March 15. By then I had lost 36 pounds.  My last solid meal was March 2. I was a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder for the past 43 years.  I am 56. I was knocking on deaths door for several weeks until God had mercy on me and opened my completely shut esophagus after several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.  I ended up having a complete response with no evidence of disease in the biopsy. I am professionally employed as a Healthcare Fraud Investigator.  After meticulous research which included interviewing approximately 26 individuals who had the esophagectomy, I said NO to the surgery to remove my esophagus and reconstruct my digestive system.  I'm a quality not quantity of life guy.  I life alone and refuse to put that kind of pressure on my caregivers  (two grown daughter's). As a consequence,  I am hoping to get a year or two out of this.

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