Esophogeal cancer met to liver life expectancy after chemo

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Esophogeal cancer met to liver life expectancy after chemo

by MIKELO on Tue Aug 14, 2018 06:43 PM

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My uncle has stage 4 esophogeal cancer, had an esophojectomy, and 6 months later it met to his liver.  He has no children so I am coordinating his care in Austin, Texas. 

He started chemo about 20 months ago. Oxaliplatin / 5FU, then Irinotecan (sp) with 5FU, then Taxol/RamU.  Each time a chemo combo stopped working we moved to the next.

His third and final chemo combination stopped working (the taxol/ramu).  He is taking a 1 month break to rid chemo from body to see if any trials exist that would help him.  We've been prepped that they don't often make a positive impact and they require a lot of monitoring, so it may not help for him to go that direction.

My question is, help me understand what has happened to your loved ones after the disease has progressed beyond chemo remaining effective. 

What was the condition of your loved one at that point, and what did the remaining time they had left look like?  how long did they live after chemo ended?

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