Experience with recurring Esophageal Cancer?

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Experience with recurring Esophageal Cancer?

by LauraTX on Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:57 PM

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Hello -

I'm hoping that there is anyone around who can speak regarding their experience with a recuring cancer?

My husband is 41 and was diagnosed with EC in 2016 (Stage 2 no lymph activity) had 6 weeks of chemo (1x per week), 6 weeks of radiation (5x per week) followed by a 6 week recovery time and then an esophagectomy.  Two years with some scares but nothing positive and then he has some routine biospys done at the dermotologist and it is back.  This time it is in his skin, muscles, adrenal glands, luncs, rectum, and pancreatic lymph.  

Yesterday was round 3 of chemo (folfox with herceptin).  We are seeing changes to the bumps in his skin in that they are getting smaller.  So far, the biggest side effect is fatigue and he has been tolerating treatment well.

We do understand that this is just palpative care and that it would take a miracle for it to completely go away.  I'm just trying to understand what the next few months/year may look like.... right now we are trying to keep life as normal as we can for as long as we can.


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