Wrong Type of Cancer on Death Certificate

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Wrong Type of Cancer on Death Certificate

by ajp1228 on Sat Nov 03, 2018 04:07 AM

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My mother passed in January, 2017.  When I got the death certificate back, the hospice doctor had written that the cause of death was "lung cancer & mets"; however, her actual diagnosis was endometrial cancer with metastasis to the lungs.  That's not the same thing as primary "lung cancer."  I've talked to them several times off and on trying to get them to have the death certificate corrected, but I kept getting the run around.  Now I've decided to work harder to pursue this, and I confirmed the diagnosis with her oncology doctor's office and also confirmed that the information on the death certificate is used to compile statistics for research purposes.  The hospice company is still giving me the run-around; I think they just don't want to do the little bit of work and pay the $15 required to correct the certificate.  I've now threatened to report them to the state medical compliance board!  The hospice doctor is out of the office today but they said will talk to him early next week...so we will see......

My question here is that I'm wondering if anyone else had a family member with the wrong type of cancer or the wrong condition listed on the death certificate and, if so, what was your experience in trying to get it corrected.

This really bothers me whenever I think about it.  Her case was rather rare; she had had a hysterectomy in 1995 and we thought she was fine.  In 2012 she had surgery for what they thought was colon cancer, but after the nodules later showed up in her lungs and were large enough to biopsy, they found it was endometrial cancer.  Then they re-tested the colon tumor and said it was actually endometrial cancer, also.  So I want to make sure her information gets added to the correct statistics so they will do more research and maybe help someone else.  Plus I just want the documents to have accurate information.  It also bothers me that all the official documents list the wrong date as the date of death because she passed just before midnight but the hospice nurse had to come and pronounce her so it was after midnight and officially the next day.  There's nothing I can do about that, but you would think the doctor would know one type of cancer from another!

Thank you for letting me vent here.

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