Husband's prostate cancer smell is making me sick.

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Husband's prostate cancer smell is making me sick.

by Tiffer on Fri Nov 23, 2018 06:32 PM

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About a year ago,my husband was diagosed with lo grade prostrate cancer.He had a biopsy and it showed some cancer cells. Surgery was not suggested at that time.But at the same time frame,I started smelling a musty rotting smell in our apt's living room. We have different bedrooms and one bedroom is on one side of the living room,the other bedroom on the other side of the living room. The smell started to make me really sick!!! It was like something toxic was attacking my nervous system and I had a lot of psycial symtoms too. My husband doesn't smell it.He is using disposable sheets,washing his clothes in baking soda in his bathtub(can't use the washer as the smell stays in it).Everything he uses from clothes to towels will make me almost pass out if I smell them.He showers twice a day and everytime he has been out of the apartment. Nothing is working. He is going to have the prostate taken out in l0 days. I am praying the smell will go away as I cannot live like this.Has anybody ever heard of this situation????Thank you.

RE: Husband's prostate cancer smell is making me sick.

by Baloo on Sat Nov 24, 2018 01:01 PM

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I know what you mean. After chemotherapy I cannot stand myself, the smell oozing from my skin is horrible - a toxic chemical smell.

Nobody else has complained about it, apparently I'm the only one who smells it. but I do. It's awful.

My local herbalist recommended chlorophyll pills. I take 5 or 6, at a time, they do help. Eating parsley helps too. Using scents to try and cover it up does not work for me and actually makes it worse.  Kind of like scented kitty litter......... the smell is still there, underlying the fragrance and the two together are intolerable. 

 I really do think that even though we humans have a weak sense of smell what we do detect consciously or unconsciously has an effect, positive or negative.  Cancer can stink. and of course, they have been able to train dogs to detect cancer by smell and there are stories of some dogs who have been the first detectors of their owner's cancer.

Try the chlorophyll tablets. My understanding is that they are harmless and quite a lot of the pills can be eaten without problems.

The only other thing I can suggest is, make certain that the smell isn't actually due to something else.  A forgotten wet sock stuck under the couch cusions can ruin the whole couch (been there-done that). I shampooed a rug once, it didn't dry properly and it got so musty- nothing could fix it and the carpet had to be tossed. Good luck, smells really do have an huge emotional effect on us. 

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