Sertoli Leydig

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Sertoli Leydig

by ebeekid on Sun Dec 02, 2018 09:44 AM

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hey guys,

I remember the day this all started perfectly....

19 years old, about to finish my first semester in college.. i was visiting this new doctor for the first time... I told her about how when i layed in my tummy it hurt, she instantly thought i was pregnant. I didn't think any of it because I thought i was just gaining weight... anyways. I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer with this tumor sertoli leydig. I had surgery right away because it was about to leak and be stage 4 cancer. I got it removed, i had the option for chemo, but decided to go to 2nd opinion on the chemo. Turns out I didn't take it. I forgot to mention i had my right ovary removed.

3.5 years later, im 23 now. I was feeling weird and wanted an ultra sound done. i got the ressults i have a mass of 12 or 13cm. The mass was benign this time. i got surgery nov 12. i feel devastated because they had to remove my left ovary. i still have my uterus and fallopian tubes.  I was recommended to get chemo because the 2nd mass was the same as the first one only less harmful. im sad,scared,and worried.

chemo? i don't want to take it... idk im lost. im super scared. i know it sounds stupid but i dont want to loose my hair. im only 23. 

anyways reading the other posts made me feel not alone but i am alone if that makes sense.


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