Bartholin Cyst + Left inuingal lympth nodes!!

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Bartholin Cyst + Left inuingal lympth nodes!!

by kirsty86 on Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:08 PM

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Evening everyone. ??

So I'm going through testing for God knows what atm. Currently I have got lympth nodes enlarged in my left  + right groin and one on my rightjawlinee.

2010 - I had a Bartholin cyst which got really badly infected and I had the gland (removed I believe) but unsure as it was so long ago. A couple of years later I had some cervical warts frozen off and since then I thought I could feel scar tissue but haven't been back to the docs. 

So I had a CT SCAN with IV contrast on the pelvic lower area to see what's going on. I have had an ultrasound done and it's showing enlarged lymph nodes hence the CT and needing further investigation. With all this going on I have have linked the lympth nodes being enlarged to the ex Bartholin gland. I have been told they can come back?

The CT scan showed the Bartholin cyst had returned 2cm - 1.5. I have felt it there for years but just assumed it was scar tissue. 

I have very few symptoms , weight loss and fatigue which comes and goes and the occasion night sweats. The weight loss has been quite drastic 5kg in a matter of months. 

My mind is telling me the lympth nodes are reacting to something and they have been solid hard now and at least a cm for well over a year. Could it be the Bartholin cyst ....has anybody suffered the same or similar I'd be very grateful for some support .

 I have lost alot of weight and if I hadn't of found a small lymph node enlarged on my jawline I would never of got things looked at. 

Has anyone experienced enlarged nodes with Bartholin glands?

All my bloods have come back normal and I'm convinced this is all related.... Any advice or if  anybody has had similar issues please enlighten me .... I am only 33 and worried sick that I may have vulvar cancer. 

Thanks guys xxx

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