My Prostate, PSA level, medication and me

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My Prostate, PSA level, medication and me

by Keith1950 on Tue Mar 12, 2019 02:48 AM

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First time poster glad to be here.

I've been healthy all my life and I'm now 77, however I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in Sept 2017 after having a blood test, it showed a PSA of 125 so had a bone scan and MRI and this confirmed Prostate cancer in bones yet I felt ok.

The specialist recommended 2 shots of ? then a month later one more, since then one each 6 months of Diphereline 22.5mg after a blood test.

Since the diagnosis Ive been eating very healthy, like little carbs, lots of pure fruit juices, vegetables and lost about 7 kg. My PSA is now down to 1.7 and testosterone 0.5, my oncologist said at week keep up the good work and 'll see you in 12 months!.

While Ive been depressed at times, I'm very lucky to have such a geat wife to be there for me. I've had hot flushes and a few slight headaches, the other symptom has been some muscle pain in calves and thighs when walikng a way but more so in bed at night, its annoying, so I take an anti inflamatory pill, and two Panadol Osteo at bed time.

Any advise on above appreciated.


RE: My Prostate, PSA level, medication and me

by genemyers on Sun Mar 17, 2019 04:34 AM

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It would be better for your cancer control if you psa goes to less than .01, so keep watching it and see if it goes lower.

If you are getting a 6 month shot of a GNRH Agonist (Diphereline), then I would expect you to see the doctor every 6 months, not 12 months.

I think your doctor has a cavalier attitude.  Ask your doctor if you are likely to be on this drug the rest of your life.  Also ask your doctor how they are going to treat your hot flashes.  Also ask your doctor what happens if the drug stops working.

Diphereline takes your testosterone away, which accelerates some aging side effects including muscle loss and weight gain.  Your doctor should put you on a weight training program to counter some side effects.

There is a good book that talks in depth about this class of drug and how to counter all of the numerous side effects called "Androgen Deprivation Therapy; an essential guide for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones".

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