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by sybil22 on Thu Apr 25, 2019 04:32 PM

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I was recently dxed with stage 1 Sertoli Leydig tumour and chose to have a total hysterectomy in Dec last year. I had virilising symptoms ,skin problems such as very dry skin and skin that broke easiliy . My hair grew thin and I had facial hair plus my voice became much deeper and  I had extremely painful and swollen joints. I also had the need to pee urgently and my tummy was swollen

After the op I felt much better but this only lasted around a mth..I am now having the same kind of joint pain,my voice has become even deeper and the hair problem seems back.

My tummy seems swollen and the need to pee is slowly becoming more urgent again.

I was told that they had got all of the tumour but am now awaiting the results of the blood tests they did today plus will be having a CAT scan asap.

On top of all this I have been having hot flushes/flashes..I am 8 yrs post menopause and never experienced them then so it feels incredibly unfair to have them now and with no reason.

I'm in England and there seems so little known about this particular neoplasm..and although my surgeon was very pleasant he didn't know about the DICER 1 link until I told him.

I guess I just wanted to post here to find others that have had this particular type of ovarian tumour and to read others take on this and.

Thank you for reading.

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