Diagnosis of ampullary cancer dad

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Diagnosis of ampullary cancer dad

by Katt123 on Fri Sep 06, 2019 08:49 PM

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I have tried to write this sk many times but it doesn't let me post so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.


 2016 dad went into hospital with chronic pain and had scans done which showed a shadow and they said it was IBS.

June 2019 dad went I to hospital and was jaunduce, he had many scans etc done and bloods and the results came back saying he had ampulalry cancer. 

The doctors put a stent in to relieve symptoms of jaundice.

A week later dad was back and the consultant said that he could possibly have whipple surgery but die to past operation complications and hos health he would have to undergo tests to prove he was fit.

Dad lost a lot of weight in those 4 weeks. And the consultant said that he can have the surgery but wouldn't advise it. Apprently radio therapy wouldn't touch the tumour nor will chemo surgery was the only option. 

Dad agreed. Op day came and it was cancelled. A week later it came again.

The consultant said that the anethitist Said that putting dad through this operatiln would be high risk and that he would die on the table of he did survive the OP he would kore than likely die from complications after surgery... he was told that he would not be able to breathe unassisted again... having a tracy. Dad did not want this and declined the surgery. He was offered chemo to manage his pains. The consultant said that dad would remain how he is at that time for yo to 6 months and then he will deteriorate . The consultant left... we thought now what??? 

4 months on he was admitted to hospital again to a new consultant who said he did not have cancer but a biliary tumor. And was referred back to the GP. 

Gp had no idea what was going on. 

ONE YEAR ON FROM FIRST DIAGNOSIS... dad was up hospital having a follow up. All tests completed again... to show the when having the camera down his throat they could not get it down easily due to the tumor growing... the stent has gone... 

The biopsy showed low grade dysplasia. The consultant said from the first biopsy take it was high grade. Biopsies was taken in 2 different parts of the tumor. They said the scans showed no significant changes but they could not exactly tell us if it has grown etc. 

He explained to cant go from a high grade to a low grade pre cancerous  cells.... he asked how dad was feeling... dad explained that he is bleeding still constantly from anus. 

His stomach is swelling weekly above the abdomen. He extremely tired and has no appetite. The doctor said ok go to the GP.. we will see u in 6 months 

Now what? Has his high grade cells area turnt I to cancer... I dunno..

Chemo is not available to him now due to it possibly killing him. As the nurse said. He has no support..

Gp wont up his pain relief as they are keeping the strong ones til last and don't want him to become addicted  ...

He looks grey with a tinge of green and yellow... his bloods ranting showing anemia. But abnormal in something else. 

He groans in pai  when bending due to the swelling

He cant sleep because of the pain on his spine and he camt breathe.

What can I do... I'm at my wits end.

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