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What does this Mean

by Knb003 on Tue Sep 17, 2019 04:53 PM

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I've been having issues with my blood for over a year as well as other health issues. I went to my regular physician in August . Had a cbc done twice within 3 days apart . Results came back in and it says the following. 

Peripheral blood smear shows normochromic normocytic rbc's with slight moderate polychromasia, normal number and morphology of platelets Mild leukopenia with normal morphology.

Wbc - low 


Mch- low

Segmented Neutrophil -low

Monocyte -high


I have a past history(2013) cervical cancer all removed 

I have no appitate anymore 

I went to the ER almost four months ago with bad pain in lower abdomal area as well as my neck and jaw on left side Test done came back with no infection But had blood in my urine and still do have it had it when I went the the dr last month Keep light headaches and my ears constantly ring off and on all the time as well  as staying stopped up all the time I have a appointment to go back to the hematologist /oncologist Friday . I'm a nervous wreck and don't no what to expect. I asked my regular doctor what she thought was going on and so she would say that the oncologist would explain everything .She has done blood work and said no autoimmuine and I wasn't anemic and all the other small things as I call it is fine. Any help is appreciated. 

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