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AML Alternatives Help

by ash2794 on Thu Nov 21, 2019 08:22 PM

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My father is 62 years old  diagnosed in Dec. 2018 and has went through chemo , Has done a BMT, but today 11/21/19 after his check up it does show his wbc have dropped tremendously and his bone marrow shows traces of it back, They want to start him on chemo again, hes ready to give up because he says the chemo is painful. Im new to this and i have no options as to what else can be done. I have seen some sites like Our cancer spot which has treatments in the phillipines but im skeptical it can be a scam. Can someone please give me some type of suggestions...

RE: AML Alternatives Help

by jeff3 on Fri Nov 22, 2019 01:03 AM

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Go to the Myelofibrosis message board and start reading from the most recent posting. Since progression to AML is possibe from MF, the protocals being used for Myelofibrosis may have a positive effect on AML. Delta tocotrienol from Annatto (which you can find at the Vitamin Shoppe)does not have the tocopherols degrading tocotrienol that red palm contains so please research their relationship. My wife is using four 125 mg of Delta tocotrienol from Annato a day. She used Tocotrienol from red palm oil to lower platelets when she had ET.

High Absorption Curcumin, and especially Liposomal Curcumin, has positive effects.

Vitamin K2 MK4 is effective on it's own and especially in other combinations. 45 mg of K2MK4 is needed to activate the GLA Matrix proteins and remains active for about ninety minutes so it needs to be used several times a day whereas 200 mcg of K2 MK4 lasts 24 hours. Use them together.

I want you to see how Quercetin & Berberine work with MK4:

 Vitamin C is another to employ. Use 15 ml of Liposomal Vitamin C three to four tomes a day. Liposomal C lasts about 4 1/2 hours and is absorbed at a higher level than plain C.  My wife uses the Aurora brand found at the Vitamin Shoppe

Selenium 200mcg four times a day. Check all the forms, L-Selenomethionine is worth considering.

Chloroxygen helps increase blood oxygen levels

Use a good probiotic to help the immune system. Milk Thistle is important for a toxic liver from chemo.

Check with your doctor before using any supplement. Please research each of these supplements to understand their functions and to identify possible interactions with your fathers treatments.


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