Metronomic therapy

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Metronomic therapy

by Fiona2020 on Sun Feb 16, 2020 04:08 PM

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Does anyone know of institutions performing "Metronomic therapy"?

The introduction of the maximum tolerated dose in usual treatment protocols made necessary the imposition of rest periods between cycles of therapy—a practice that not only involves re-growth of tumour cells, but also growth of selected clones resistant to the therapy. Hence, the therapeutic success obtained during the first cycles of treatment reverts in the direction of growth of more malignant metastatic tumours with no therapeutic response. 

My cancer is rare and without a cure. I wonder if the value of this approach especially in my case, is that instead of the maximum treatment (causing organ damage and plantinum resistance causing cancer to grow unchecked) giving lower chemo doses closer together, long term, in effect kicking back cancer, making it a chronic condition (I could live with that!)

What have you heard? 

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