Somatic cell mentioned in vedas

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Somatic cell mentioned in vedas

by Ramachandranr on Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:00 AM

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Dear Friend


This is only pure earth science and environment. In Vedas the air in the room has been divided in to four.

Incoming breath (Prana)

The air that moves up to words brain and skull, (Upana)

The air that spreads equally on all parts of the body, (Samana)

The air that has the power to cure the dieses, (Vyana)

The remains of the air (Apana)


In Veda there is not a single material that is dead. All materials have a life. Even a wood and a stone in a room can explore the activities of the medicine or chemical it has and sends out the rays and the quality of the contents. It will reflect the rays it collects with the herbal quality and the smell.


The Bamboo is termed in Grass section and it has the power to absorb the acidity in the room. The pepper has the power to absorb Phlegm, mucus, saliva and the common salt has the power in retaining the moisture content in the room.


The material kept in a fridge is kept for retaining its power but a sweet looses its sweetness, a Capsicum looses its hot, and salt looses its taste, so...on.

This is due to the air that has shrunk by mechanical action where the Material looses its Vyana (the air that gives the property for the material) due to this the material may be cool but looses its property. The materials kept in the fridge when consumed directly by us, it is equalized by taking the air Vyana  from us  and our body looses  some Vyana, If this continues we are getting irritation in throat and seines affects us.


The air in the common room is like this.   This air in A/c room is reduced   like this. And the Vyana is sacrificed to keep our body cool. Due to this our skin is affected and a dry skin results.


This has the power to change property of the gene. When the gene is affected a man suffers from cancer, T.B. etc.


The environmental circumstances has the power to change the property of our gene and  If we have a close watch we can find the environmental is holding a major share in keeping our health and getting dieses. The air that we breathe is the reason for our ill health.

The body and behavior of an Indian is entirely different from that a European. This is due to the environmental such as Temperature, Specific gravity  of the earth, quality of air, food and so on.,

The behavior of a man in U.S., may differ from that of an Australian. Even in Europe, French is differing from German. Even the speech differ, the pronunciation differ.

When environmental changes the men why it can’t it cure decease?

The gene  is disturbed and floating along with the blood cells. We must unite those cells back and medicines can not achieve this. But when the skin breathes the change takes place.


The somatic cell in the skin must be activated in full and this can be done with certain herbals that the physician should keep in the room.


 (When a woman is pregnant the egg in the womb takes Somatic Cell from the skin of the mother for its growth until it gets a connection thro’ the belly button. This somatic cell makes a fast growth with in the child and in two/ three months the   egg gets a heart and forms bloodVessel all this is forming by taking the Somatic cell from the mother’s skin. The veins which are connecting the mother’s belly button cord with that of the still born child, caries the oxygen (Prana) goes directly goes to the heart of the still born child. The food for the child is Absorbed from the liquid in the womb and that is also Somatic cell. At the time the mother gets a side effect of constant itching in the stomach and scribing the belly and it burns. Simultaneously the womb develops acidity (Piththa) which is responsible for eye sight of the child. When the growth of the Somatic cell falls due to varies reason the child gets affected. For this reason in olden days the pregnant ladies were asked to apply Curcuma-Longa which increases the strength of the Somatic Cells)


When a man is affected with cancer  The sense needs to be activated and this can be achieved only if the brain cell gets warmness. This can not be achieved through drugs. But we can get this by changing the atmosphere.


Here the origin of the patient and his gene should be tested and his family back ground his food and other habits should be studied and cross examined. The place of treatment should be analyzed. A treatment in U.S may differ from U.K. and in India. An Indian patient in coma treated in U.S is entirely different from an American treated in the same hospital because of the gene.

The Yajur Veda says this. The application of the herbal on a human is selected after studying the soil. The prasana Upanishad explains this.


When we get Head ache this may be due to vacuum in fore head veins, or due to water or due to twisting of veins. The doctor prescribes Anacin for all which is bad and not advisable. If vacuum is filled with air the head ache goes


I can add more and more.


Finally a word if you change the room condition by placing certain herbals and woods and certain salts we can make the Vyana strength and this will regain the sense of the patient in coma.


That’s what the Vedas are telling.


In Yajur Veda the tobacco is mentioned as “Malapatra and thalapatra”. In olden days (B.C. 5000) the warriors use to sleep on this to get extra energy so that they can fight more vigorously during day time. The Muhals and English misunderstood the heat generated by the body, burns the Malapatra and gives energy thro skin cells., they wanted quick action and took the smoke of Tobacco directly in to the lungs and believed that they are getting energy. This is how the Smoking habit started.

Based on this theory I suggested Upholstery leather tanned with tobacco and the coma patient can be laid, and the tannins in tobacco penetrates thro’ the skin of the patient. The leather can create warmness in the body and the Somatic cells are activated and the patient can recover.


As per Vedas the human body is made with five elements, namely

i) Earth, ii) Water iii) Air, iv) Heat and v) Universe


Here the earth is the gene of the patient.

Water is the substance in the body

Air is there, heat is the body temperature.

And universe is the environment.


The Prosopis Spicigera (Vanni Maram) this tree leaves can be spread on the mat and the patient made to lie on the leaves. This will produce the heat and activate the somatic cell.  This will make the patient to recover fast.

This recipe I am giving in good faith and request you try this on your patients after your satisfaction with the theory of the chemistry.

It may take another year to submit my thesis and as I feel that you can cure the patient in the mean time I am disclosing this to you..


If you need any clarification please asks me and I am ready to clear your doubts.


RE: Somatic cell mentioned in vedas

by madhusharma on Sat Aug 06, 2016 07:22 AM

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Hi ! I am suffering from sinus cancer. More than cancer , its the side effects of chemo which have costed me. I would like to move to alternate treatment. ls guide me for the same. Also i wanted to know about your study reference.


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