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Canine Bladder Cancer (tcc)

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RE: Tcc diagnosis staffy bladder/urethra lining

by Nladuke on Sun Feb 16, 2020 07:07 PM

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Scootersmom, I am in the group now, thank you! It’s sad to see just how common TCC has become in dogs. My vet said it used to be relatively rare and now they are seeing it so much more frequently. I wish I had known that fertilizers and chemicals cause this - it’s undoubtedly what caused Simba’s since I live in a condo and they both spray for mosquitos and treat the lawn with fertilizer 2-3 time a year. Yes he was originally just taking the Piroxicam and an antibiotic, then his appetite was non-existent and he would only eat chicken and scrambled eggs. So we added in the Sucralfate in the morning and Pepcid before dinner. After 4 days of adding those in, he wouldn’t eat at all. Not even treats. So hopefully pulling all meds for a couple days will give his stomach a break. It’s also possible that the cancer has just progressed (though I’m praying that’s not the case.)
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