wilms tumor

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wilms tumor

by Pratap on Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:00 AM

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1.       My son is 04 years old and was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor Stage III of the left kidney on 31 Jan 2007.  (No histological features of anaplasia).  Bone scan was normal.  The left kidney was surgically removed on 09 Feb 2007.  The child put on chemotherapy on 21 Mar 2007 (24 weeks protocol).  The drugs used were actinomycine D, VCR  and epirubicin.  After the first cycle he was given radiation of 10.8 gray .  The last cycle finished on 15 Aug 2007.  The last x-ray of Jun 2007 was normal. 
2.       On 02 Nov 2007, due to heaviness in breathing the child was taken to the oncologist and the x-ray and CT scan reports showed multiple pulmonary metastases .  The bone scan was normal.  The child put on salvage chemotherapy on 04 Nov 2007.  The drugs used were ifosomide, etoposide and mesna from D-1 to D-5.  The CT scan after three cycles showed improvement. 
3.       However, the creatnine count was 1.0, therefore the drug changed from ifosamide to carboplatnin for the balanced three cycles.  The salvage chemotherapy finished on 21 Mar 2008.  The PET CT and CT scan reports show extensive pulmonary metastases with possible local recurrence in the Lt Para aortic region .
4.       Presently the child has undergone raditherapy of 12 gray lung bath ( the Xray show improvement )and has been put on chemothrapy with ifosamide, carboplatnin and etoposide from 28 may 08. Request any advice from anyone who has used any alternate treatment. The cesium chloride or any other treatment that works. please help anyone.



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