Muir Torre and GBM

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Muir Torre and GBM

by nellneo on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi I have some questions about Muir Torre Syndrome (MTS) and it’s relation to GBM IV.   I think MTS will soon be recognized as not only causing multiple primary visceral cancers and sebaceous gland tumors(s), but also GBM. I was wondering if radiation treatment for MTS cancers could play a role in triggering GBM?

My mother and my aunt both passed away from GBM IV, both at age 62.  They both had 2-3 primary cancers prior to their GBM. My Grandma also had a re-occurring brain tumors. I have one surviving aunt (57) who has recently been diagnosed with her 4th primary cancer. Because of her multiple primary cancers, she was diagnosed with MTS.  Is there anyone else on this forum who has had more than two realatives with GBM IV or a Muir Torre Syndrome dx? I would like to be able to have a treatment plan that fits my family's genetic makeup before GBM hits again.  Anyone know where I should start?  Gentetic testing has allready been done at the Cleveland Clinic.

Any info will be well appreciated!


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