Tarceva working but some regrowth

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Tarceva working but some regrowth

by Mariellen on Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hello,  My mother has been on Tarceva for 6 months (diagnosed in Nov 08- started Tarceva in Jan 09)  She is a non-smoker with the gene mutation that works well for this demographic on this medicine.  She is stage IV with mets to brain (had WBR first then started chemo drug), liver, spine (and right lung).  First scans after 5 weeks showed 55-60% shrinkage in all areas.  Recent scans showed improvement again in all areas accept slight re-growth in lung. Oncologist said not to be upset, this sometimes happens where Tarceva cannot reach certain areas.  Continuing Tarceva and having 3-4 weeks of radiation 

 Just had a pet scan and will start "spot welding" radiation on her right lung next week.

Has anyone experienced this with Tarceva?  What was your story and did this help?  I was so happy with her progress and then this happened.  Is this just a bump in the road?  Otherwise she has been doing really well and feeling good.

God Bless, Mariellen


RE: Tarceva working but some regrowth

by tinaged on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:00 AM

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Also check into CyberKnife,

I truly beleive in this, if your mom is a candidate it would be fantastic!

My girlfriends mom had a brain tumor and the doctors gave her 6 months to live, he told her there was no treatment.

My girlfriend found CyberKnife online, her mom went for treatment with CyberKnife "3 treatments in one week" the cancer/tumor is totally gone.

I hope this works for you, look it up on line, it is amazing!

God bless!

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