hair loss

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hair loss

by leiomyo on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:00 AM

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RE: Femara

Have been taking Femara since May.  My reports are coming back and are surely encouraging.  I am in a lot of bone and joint pain in the morning.  Glad to know that could be the reason in lieu of what would constitute new uptake.

I have leiomyosarcoma and am 46.  My mother was 42 when she too was diagnosed w/ the same thing and succumbed after a valient effort when she was 55.  I hold on to my doctors reminding me that was essentially 35 years ago. 

I have always had a ton of hair and basically still do and have always "shedded" quite a bit.  That is what has lately increased.  I did radiation in April and May and got fairly and violently sick from that. 

We are just trying to figure out if: my hair development is cancer  treatment related or just "moulting". 

This all sounds so silly.  Hope everyone is feeling all right today.  Thank you for any input.  : ) and for creating and participating in this message board.

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