Lung Cancer Wrong Diagnosis??

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Lung Cancer Wrong Diagnosis??

by toasttolife on Sat Mar 27, 2010 08:19 PM

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I wrote in this forum last May seeking suggestions about the Lung Cancer Diagnosis that my MIL had. She had 4 sessions of Chemo and 6 sessions of Caelyx. We repeatedly asked the Doc about Cyberknife as an option. Since he did not pay heed, we decided to get a second opinion from a Cyberknife clinic. The Radiologist looked at her PET Scans and had the basic doubt if this was even cancer. He felt he was looking at a lung infection and referred us to the Surgical Oncologist and a Pulmonologist. They wanted to do all the blood tests and a biopsy (The first hospital hadn't done a succesfull biopsy in the first place. We knew of this only when we got the final summary before going for the second opinion) Blood tests were all normal. The Biopsy report came back "negative for malignancy" and reads thus

                                Department of Histopathology

Specimen: Bronchial biopsy from mass in upper lobe of left lung.

Macroscopic Description: Received 2 pale white tissue bits measuring 0.5cms and 1 cm.

Microscopic Description: Sections show portions of fibro muscular tissue lined by respiratory epithelium in areas. Mild lymphocytic infiltrate is seen. Multiple sections do not show any evidence of malignancy.

Impression : Bronchial biopsy from mass in upper lobe of left lung with mild chronic inflammation ; Negative for Malignancy.


                                Department of Cytology

Specimen: Bronchial Wash

Macroscopic Description : A) Bronchial brush – Received 5 fixed smears slides

                                                    B) Bronchial Wash: Received 12 ml of reddish fluid (cellblock made)

Microscopic Description: Smears show scattered discrete and groups of columnar cells, neutrophils, histiocytes, pigmented macrophages and squamous epithelial cells.

Cellblock on ‘B’ shows no material.

Impression: Bronchial wash and bronchial brush negative for malignant cells.


                                      Department of Microbiology

Smears (Grams) : Reported

Organisms isolated : No growth (left upper lobe endobronchial mass)


The Pulmonologist feels there may not have been enough samples as she started bleeding during the biopsy. Also she feels the nature of the tumour could have changed because of the Chemotherapy. Has anyone encountered such a scenario before? If there were not enough biopsy samples how could they have concluded with a result?

In the Broncho Images, there is a certain mass that is blocking the path and according to the pulmonologist, while she was doing the Bronchoscopy, she encountered a lotta dead cells and some gooey substance.

This has been such a roller coaster ride and we desperately need some clarity. MIL's health otherwise is normal with some cough (She said she had some fungus like substance in her sputum yesterday) and she has been complaining of terrible pain in her right arm (shoulder blade) this week. This same hand has been punctured many many times for Chemo and other tests.

If this is not Cancer, what else could this mass be? Please help, very confused.

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