Update on my Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Update on my Renal Cell Carcinoma

by grannyl on Wed May 05, 2010 03:38 AM

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I posted my first discussion back in February or March of 2009 when I was first diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma. I went through "Radiofrequency Ablation" of my kidney.  To date, all seems to be going okay.  I have had 3 CT's, August, 2009, November and February, 2009. Complete bone scan, chest x-ray, CT of all my organs and all showed "no metastasis". There was concern about my August CT after the ablation was done.  It seemed to be questionable at that time, but the next 2 CT's were "stable".  It is believed to be scar tissue forming. I'm glad I still have my kidney. I was told my RCC was "Stage 1", clear cell RCC with no metastasis.  If anyone on this website has had "Radiofrequency Ablation", I would be interested in hearing about it.  I'm still reluctant and still worry.  I would like to know what the recurrence rate is on RCC "Stage 1".  My tumor was less than "1 inch", very small.  At that same time I was about to have thyroid surgery for a nodule. Sadly, I was told that had to wait because of the RCC.  Since then it's been about 2 years now due to other illnesses, being hospitalized, and of course the RCC.  Doctor told me the kidney came first.  Next week I will be seeing an endocrinologist that specializes in thyroid surgery. I am very worried how the thyroid issue will turn out because of having to wait so long (about 2 years) to address that. I'm so worried about the thyroid being cancerous.  I am 66 yrs old. I would like to know from anyone that has had thyroid surgery and/or thyroid cancer their thoughts on having to wait so long, and information about thyroid cancer or no cancer.  It's so brutal going from RCC to the thyroid. I try not to worry, but that's very hard.  If anyone could tell me about the thyroid surgery and what to expect, I would appreciate it.  There are so many things I don't know.  As far as the kidney cancer, being so early and the tumor so small, what is the percent of recurrence rate for Stage 1, very small tumor, no metastasis....prognosis??

Thank all of you out there for your caring and information.  Support and caring is so important to the recovery and coping process. I'm really having a hard time right now with anxiety and horrible panic attacks.

Any information regarding the RCC and the thyroid/surgery would be appreciated.




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