9 Month Followup

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9 Month Followup

by stanman on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:29 AM

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Well folks, the chemo and radiation are behind me.   The neurology numbness in my toes from taxol is still there and will probably stay.  The radiation has wiped out a good portion of my right lung too.  Lots of scar tissue.  

Not a bad price to pay for living.   The latest PET scan shows the lung cancer gone (WAHOO).  There is no sign of it at all in the lung.  However, there is always a however,  there is a small hot spot on my chest cavity lining behind where the tumor was.   This is very small and I am going to Tulsa, St. Johns tomorrow to start prep for cyberknife to get it removed completely.  All my lymh nodes are totally clear too. 

I'm looking forward to cancer free anniversary in 15 mos.  then will work on the 5th year.  

The only noticable and lasting side effect of all these treatments is my shortness of breath.   I developed lung inflamation from the radiation but am on 40mg prednisone daily to whip that.  Breathing should improve some from that and I had a bronchoscopy Monday to check for airway obstructions.  There was some tumor residue removed as well as some scare tissue.  I already notice a small improvement in breathing and it will get a bit better.   I'll take all I can get. 

All of this is the price I pay for living so I'll take it.  I just have to slow down a bit and enjoy my remaining time here.  No more rushing through life without taking time to small the roses. 

Good luck to one and all


RE: 9 Month Followup

by mindy020211 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:17 AM

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Good Morning Stanman,

Congrats! Although i don't know you, i applaud you for beating it and keeping high spirits...Look forward to seeing your 15 month free post!

Keep your head up and keep on trucking ! and yes make sure you stop and small the roses.

Best of luck and speedy recovery.

God bless,


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