VIN I x 5

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VIN I x 5

by mamakaren on Tue Aug 17, 2010 07:52 PM

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Hello everyone,


I am 41 years old and have been diagnosed with VIN I. I had an odd looking mole removed from my "bikini line" (near my leg). It turned out to be "Bowenoid Papulosis" and the dermatologist recommended I see my gyn. He did a colposcopy and found 5-6 "suspicious areas." After doing 5 biopsies (under general anesthesia) they all came back positive for VIN I.


I had an abnormal pap 20 years ago and had cryosurgery. Have had normal paps since then. This VIN was totally asymptomatic. There is nothing to see and I also felt nothing strange (no itching, no nothin). My doctor said he'd see me in 6 months which wasn't good enough for me. I insisted on a referral to a gyn/onc and I will see him next week.


How do I keep this from turning into VIN II/III? I had been a very light smoker (1 pack/month) but have quit since finding out this was a risk factor for Vulvar cancer. What else can I do? I feel like I'm doomed. And you can't even tell anyone what you're going through. Ugh.

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