New diagnosis of adenocarcinoma - Stage IV and has metastisized

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New diagnosis of adenocarcinoma - Stage IV and has metastisized

by lhawthorne on Fri May 13, 2011 03:06 PM

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My mother was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma last week. We have started radiation on the hip and pelvic area but only for pain management. We have not seen her Oncologist since the diagnosis because she's been out of the office. The pulminologist said there was not really a reason for a second opinion and her oncologist said there might not be a reason for treatment since it's this bad already. I feel like we have been through a train wreck and just left to pick up the mess on our own.  However, we do get to talk to the oncologist on Monday...I want a second opinion, perhaps at Baylor in Dallas. Does anyone have suggestions, information or something a little positive!?!

RE: New diagnosis of adenocarcinoma - Stage IV and has metastisized

by egrow on Sat May 21, 2011 02:32 AM

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So sorry to hear about your mother.  You wanted some positive suggestions, get your mother tested for a mutant epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).  They use biopsed cells for the test.  IF she test positive, there is a drug out there called Tarceva that has worked wonders.  The sucrose uptake value on her lung tumor was over 14 - at her last checkup in April, it was 1.2.  Her lymph nodes stop showing any activity after just 3 weeks on the drug and her bone cancer has been reduce to 3.4 from over 8.  There are some side effects - search this blog with the keyword Tarceva and you will see what others have experienced.  I encourage you to get that second opinion.  Above all, keep positive with your mom and stay strong.  In the dark days when my wife was diagnosed, it meant everything to her that I was strong and encouraging.  I did all of my crying in the showers.  Now, I am singing praises to God and reading scriptures to her every evening.  My God bless you and comfort you during this time.


RE: New diagnosis of adenocarcinoma - Stage IV and has metastisized

by jellybean612000 on Sat Aug 03, 2013 02:31 AM

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I think your mom should definetly get a 2nd opinion and if I had a Dr tell me that it wasn't nessesary then I think I'd be looking for a differant Dr.

My husband (56) was diagnosed in Dec 2012 with non small cell adenocarcinoma with mets to brain, liver, lymph nodes, spine & hip, he is currently getting chemo and he had a shunt placed in his head for the swelling and radiation to the brain, he has also had radiation to the hip for the pain.

IHIGHLYrecommend Cancer Treatment Center of America,(we go to the one in Zion,IL) we called there for info about a 2nd opinion and we had an appointment within less than 2 weeks, they are WONDERFUL !!!!!!!

My husband has not been at all sick with any of his treatments, the only side effects he has had is that he is always tired and cold. CTCA doesn't just treat the cancer, they treat the entire person and they consider the caregivers to be just as important as the patients.

I have told others that I almost venture to say that CTCA almost makes having cancer easy because once you are going to be going to them they take careof everything and all you have to do is show up, they take care of all travel & accomadations arrangements.

sorry for all the spelling errors


RE: New diagnosis of adenocarcinoma - Stage IV and has metastisized

by phile on Fri Oct 03, 2014 01:35 AM

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I hope this message is not too late for you, but I believe there may be an alternative that works - Salvestrols

I'm not even sure how this blog works and I was going to wait until I could confirm absolutely that Salvestrols work either to;

- cure lung cancer

- extend the life expectancy period

- alleviate any side effects of chemotherapy

but given the amazing first-hand experience we have had I decided we should not delay given that what we have done could either;

- save people's lives

- extend their lives

- make chemotherapy bearable


Our ongoing cancer saga can be summarized as follows;

- Diagnosed with Stage 4, incurable non-small cell lung cancer, (tumors in lungs, shoulder, back and liver) in father-in-law who is 75 and otherwise completely healthy (played golf and tennis) in Feb, 2014. 

- Believe he was given a 20% chance of lasting 6 months

- He rapidly went downhill after a chemo type tablet failed to work any longer after about 3 weeks

- No energy to even walk around, tired just talking. Sat in a chair all day, said if there was something to take to end it all he would do that. Lost over 10 Kgs in weight from 80Kg to under 70kg

- I investigated as many alternative cures on the internet that I could. Very difficult task as a number of people just trying to profit out of desperate people, others probably offering possible helpful products and advice, technical information that for almost everyone is too difficult to understand, and others commenting on the political issues surrounding drug development and alternative cures, etc.

- Given everything I read and after making some assessments of every piece of information, the promoters and applying a logical and common sense approach to medical assessments, I settled on the following alternative cancer treatment program;

1. Salvestrol Platinum dosage of 6 capsules a day (4+2)

2. Essiac Tea dosage of 1 capsule a day (Commonly known here as E-Tea)

3. Vitamin C dosage of 1000mg per day (Using Airborne Tablet of 1 tablet per day)

Others miscellaneous changes in diet include; very little sugar, healthier foods (more vegetables, some organics), no more beer/alcohol but a little red wine still.

Also taking a blood thinning drug to prevent clots (which was the original indicator of the cancer).


Timeline was something like;

- Diagnosed in late Feb

- Oncology figuring out what to do Mar-April

- Chemo tablet in May/June

- Started alternative program end of June

- Started chemo treatment in July


Result from alternative treatment was almost immediate (within 1 week) better health (Felt a bit better, not so tired, could walk a few hundred meters).

Within a couple of weeks steady improvement.

Within a couple of weeks had to decide whether to have chemo (through the traditional hospital treatment). Decided to go ahead and see how the chemo went on the basis if he got very sick from side effects he would probably stop the chemo and there seemed like nothing to lose in trying it.

Continued with the alternative treatment as above all the time. Told that Salvestrols being a natural cure would not interfere with Chemo.

No side effects from chemo so continued with chemo and alternative treatment as above.


Within 1 month going for long walks and feeling much better.

Chemo continuing at 1 session per week for 3 weeks and then 1 week off.

2 months started playing golf again (using cart). Food appetite back to normal. Weight increasing.

Chemo continuing as above 1 session per week and then 1 week off.

3 months back playing tennis. Back to about 75 Kgs which is a good normal healthy weight for him.


We are now at over 7 months since diagnosed (late Feb) and have been on the above alternative treatment program for about 3 of those months (July - Sept) and can report that;

- The results are unbelievable in terms of his improvement in health from what we can see, and also from what he says. From hardly being able to move more than from his bed to a chair to back playing golf and tennis within 2 or 3 months is amazing and the fact that he has already lived for another 7 months is incredible.

- He looks amazing in terms of his skin (shinny and healthy looking, although hair obviously fallen out), looks 10 years younger. He is eating more than he ever did, and is back to normal in every way we can tell.

- We do not know what is working and are not going to change anything dare something goes wrong. It could be any one of the 3 alternatives; Salvestrols, Essiac Tea or Vitamin C and/or the Chemo, or a combination of some of these treatments.

All we can say for sure (until we get the result of a CT scan in the next week or so) is the following;

- He feels much better and is back to normal as far as he is concerned with only very slight tingling in his feet from the Chemo

- Something out of the 4 things he is taking is working, or a combination of them; Salvestrols, Essiac Tea, Vitamin C and Chemo.

- We do not know if his cancer tumors have gone, are reduced, or what has happened. We do not know if further tumors have been stopped or really what has happened at this stage, but I didn't want to wait for another couple of weeks until the CT scan is completed in case someone reads this and it saves their live by starting now rather than waiting another 2 weeks.

- We do know, regardless of whether his cancer tumors have subsided, that his quality of live has improved 100% (now wants to live, whereas a few months ago he was happy to die) and the side effects of chemo are virtually non-existent (He drives about 5 miles to the hospital, has his chemo and drives home afterwards. Today he played golf before going for his chemo).


I truly believe the program we have adopted will help many people, and from my limited knowledge from what I have read, it is not limited to only lung cancer sufferers as these treatments should help all cancers and even at a very late stage, after it has spread through the body.

As soon as we know for sure the true state of his cancer tumors we will provide much more details and actual medical information for everyone.

I really hope this will save lives. Besides it is also inexpensive compared to many cancer treatments that may not work. (I think it works out at about $12 per day for maybe 3 months and then the amounts could decrease).

(PS: I have no affiliation with any drug or alternative medicine companies, no books, nothing to gain from spreading this information and don't even know who makes these medicines)

Thanks Phil (

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