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Can't find another outlet to talk and share

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RE: Can't find another outlet to talk and share

by emilys on Tue Aug 02, 2011 03:02 AM

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So sorry for your loss.  I know when I lost my father, i didn't really have anyone to talk to either ,and I walked my path alone, which was difficult.  Sometimes, just venting is enough.   Just post how you feel, and someone should respond to you although sometimes these messages slip by without any response, and I apologize for that.  If you need to vent, I hope I, or someone else will be here for you.  Post on the board, and not on the bereavement board, because postings definitely get missed there, as the board is out of the way.  Let God guide you through  your journey, and may his grace comfort you and give your strength.  I will be happy to respond, just send me a private message, and I will get back to you and do  my best.


RE: Can't find another outlet to talk and share

by eastwest on Sat Aug 06, 2011 01:21 PM

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Hi   When Phil passed away in April I no longer felt connected to the EC site in that special way. Though everyone was great, now that the fight was over for Phil my life was no longer the same, just like yours. 

 It saddens me that you are finding no support. If you got no response from the hospices please try calling a visiting nurse association.Don 't give up.  I found one that offers counseling for children, adults, spouses etc. I had one session with a grief counselor for an hour and I plan on attending their group this week even though I am already going to another spousal support group, this one is professionally run and I can already tell from talking to her it is different.

 We need all the help and support we can get at this time when we have lost a beloved one from our lives. Irene

RE: Can't find another outlet to talk and share

by trippie on Tue Aug 30, 2011 09:14 PM

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So very sorry about the loss of your father, please know there are so many of us that share the same kind of hearbreaking pain. I lost my mother to cancer in 1966 when she was 40 and dec 2010 I lost my daughter to cancer at 42.

I know just exactly how you feel...why do people act uncomfortable when we mention our loved ones name? I want to talk about my daughter, she is in my heart and mind every day, but when i do there is silence and my friend even said to me once "do you think we should change the subject" guess she felt it was hard for me dont know.

I, like you, would love to find a support group. Hospice assured us they would be there after my daughter was gone with support...didnt happen..people just act like we should get on with our lives and that hasnt happened to me yet.

Take care...

RE: Can't find another outlet to talk and share

by eastwest on Thu Sep 01, 2011 01:51 AM

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 Where I live in central New Jersey we have at least 2 hospices that provide support after the death of a loved one. Not sure how it is elsewhere. There should be more available.

 I was really surprised that the huge cancer center where Phil was treated have no bereavement sources. Maybe to have them people would think they were failing???

 We all need that TLC and understanding and being able to talk about the loved one we lost. Next week it will be 5 months since Phil died. That sounds long to me though others see me as a newbie in the grief process. Each day is long without my husband.

I notice that our grandchildren are just now starting to talk about him again. My son and I both told them (ages 12 and 9) that it is fine to talk about Grandpa. He and I do so I think now they feel comfortable.

They were so blessed to have him for a grandpa. He took them fishing and played all kinds of ball with them. And my son has carried that tradition on being there for his kids. It's a real tribute to how Phil raised him. Irene

RE: Can't find another outlet to talk and share

by Midwestgirl on Thu Sep 01, 2011 02:51 AM

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As all of the others have posted, there simply aren't enough resources to help through the grief.  2 weeks after Dad died, Hospice sent a sympathy card that said they would be contacting hasn't happened yet, either.  There are not many grief counseling sessions in our small community, either.  I just try to plug away.  I have many friends on CC that are there for me, and we're here for you, also.

Please PM me if you need to "talk".

Love and (((((HUGS))))),


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