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Remember Jim on his birthday

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Remember Jim on his birthday

by sanjim on Thu Oct 06, 2011 07:34 PM

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Part 1

Today will be filled with special memories of the love of my life, today would have been Jim's 61st birthday, I know he is still watching over me and Andy, when the time is right I will join him in heaven. I am going to ask my friends to post a special memory of Jim, he love life so very much and was always so very happy until the end. Seven years ago when we first moved to Florida things were not... going so well, he then told us to think about this place as Camp Suwannee, it was so much like we were camping, he love this place so very much, he was a very happy camper, He worked very hard at making this a beautiful farm, he loved the horses, goats and chickens. One of his favorite things he love was just sitting on the porch with me and Andy watching the sunrises and sunsets and all of our critters. Happy Birthday Jim, it has been seven month since you left our farm, you are still in our hearts, loves and miss you so very much, I wil see you again when God says the time is right, Love Sandra

Part 2 from a frend

Holly MichelleI have had many wonderful times with Jim. I always looked forward to working with him & he loved to talk to everyone he seen & atleast every 1 outta 10 he knew or knew someone from their family! It really was amazing & helped me not have to deal with the pest...oops i mean guest.. :-)...When i became he a mother he & i had alot of heart to heart talks and he always gave me wonderful advice on raising my baby boy & life in general!...jim is missed dearly & im so glad to know him & even more so glad that i have you & andy in my life! Happy birthday,Jim!

part 3

the last couple of years for Jim, was trying and painful, but he would never let anybody know that. I have thinking about how on Sunday mornings he would get up at 4 AM to watch the sunrise, and tune his computer into KDKA radio out of Pittsburgh, he really enjoyed Rob Pratt, sometimes he would call and talk to rob for a little while. Then he would always send him an e mail describing what he was having for breakfast on his front porch in Live Oak, he always had a grand menu, (most of the time he could not eat anything) Rob would read his grand menu that always include fresh squeezed orange juice, and then he said he wanted to do a remote from jim's front Porch in Lve Oak FL. Jim was always eager to share with anybody about how he love this place. Sandra


Erin Hazen HallI was always able to count on Jim to share stories and memories about being a Yankee. Being able to express my feelings about missing the north while living in the south was a great relief to me. I loved his stories, and he ALWAYS had one. Happy Birthday Jim!!

RE: Remember Jim on his birthday

by eastwest on Fri Oct 07, 2011 05:54 PM

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Sandra   A belated Happy Birthday for your husband in heaven. Thank you for sharing about Camp Suwannee.

I love the sunrises and sunsets too. Remember those special moments with joy. hugs Irene

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