should i ask for a gene test

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should i ask for a gene test

by lammie002 on Tue May 14, 2013 07:45 PM

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I dont no if it is just me worrying but should i ask for a cancer gene test i dont no all my family history but this is what i do no.

my mothers side

My mum has had breast cancer age 50

my mums half sister(same mum) had breat cancer age 40 then died at 45 with lung cancer

my grandad had bowel cancer age 70 and lung cancer age 76

all 4 of my grandads siblings have had bowel cancer

My dads side

My dad had prostrate cancer age 45

my nanna had lung cancer age 69

should i ask and if i did ask would they test me

thank you


RE: should i ask for a gene test

by HealthyEater on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:14 PM

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The gene testing is expensive and it would be done for a particular type of gene, for example testing for a colon cancer defective gene(s) based on the discovery of lots of precancerous and/or cancerous polyps in a colonoscopy (as was my case). Or if you had lots of relatives who had colon cancer. Does that make sense?

You'd be better off putting your energies into eating a majority of plant-based foods (especially vegetables) to fight and prevent any cancer. That worked for me. Plus taking the herbal product Vitae Elixxir. I have had a clean colon for three years.

The medical solution for many genetic conditions is to remove the body part. In my case the colon. NOT FOR ME! I took control and drastically changed my eating. That's how powerful food is!

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