Searching for an advice

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Searching for an advice

by becky87 on Wed Jul 24, 2013 03:52 PM

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Hello everyone! 

Yesterday i was googling and i`ve found this forum. Today i felt so despered and i had to register and ask you guys a few questions...I can see that you`re helping each other considering you all know what it`s like to be around someone who`s sick. 

My fiancee`s mother has been diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago. (squamos cell carcinoma of the sinuses and skull base) She immediately had one surgery which wasn`t so successful. They weren`t able to remove the whole tumor, because it`s position is very complex (it is very close to the carotid artery). She had both radiation and chemo, but after many therapies the doctors gave up. MRI scans showed progression of the tumor. We contacted some of the medical centers in Turkey asking if it`s possible to have gama knife or cyber knife surgery, and their answer was negative. 

She was feeling pretty good until last saturday, when she started losing consciousness, feeling disoriented, with no apetite, even forgetting things for a second. She sleeps a lot, and doesnt`t speak much, only if we ask her something. 

I must mention it`s summer here where i live and the temperatures are pretty high these days, even i feel dizzy and exhausted...

Can you give me any advice, how to help her? Maybe some way to make her drink more tea and other fluids, and also something to increase her apetite? She`s a passionate smoker and i think that`s a big problem here too. I`m very worried she`s going to kill herself this way...and that my fiancee will lose his mother too soon. I just want to help but i don`t know how anymore...

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