I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

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I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by retirednurse111 on Wed Dec 18, 2013 01:43 AM

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Hi and love to all.............its been a longgggggg time since I have been on here!  I hope you are all doing well.

My last pet scan and cts are all good as well as my cea levels, but during the last 2 weeks I am having horrible bloating and uncontrollable gas.

I was reanastamosed, and for the last year stools were normal, now I go from normal to awful rapid transit.

Does anyone here have these same problems?

Merry Christmas to all of you,,,,,,,,,we can BEAT THIS BEAST.....Love, Fran





RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by ajp1228 on Thu Dec 19, 2013 02:20 AM

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Hi, Fran.  Merry Christmas!!!  I'm glad to hear your scans and CEA are all good; I have been wondering about you after your last post about your CEA.  :)

Mother's surgery was approximately the same time as yours, and for the past year her "new normal" has been smaller bowel movements but about 3-4 times a day.  However, at times she has had to go more often.  She still wears a pad; she spots sometimes and doesn't know it until she sees it on the pad.  She has had occasional minor issues - such as not going for a couple of days and then having a belly ache (but not so bad she can't continue normal activities) for a few hours until she finally has to go to the bathroom (and she may have to sit back down 2 or 3 times before she is done). 

She also had an intestinal virus with liquid diarrhea on and off for 3 days right before Thanksgiving.  We had gone to Pigeon Forge - she woke up not feeling well the morning we left but was able to make the 2-hour drive down there, and we thought she'd be ok the next day - and she spent a lot of the time in bed.  It was good that she was in the hotel room with the bathroom right next to the bed; she didn't have much control because of the surgery last year.

Yesterday she told me she went to the bathroom and had a movement that was more stool, more like her old normal rather than her "new normal," even though she had gone the day before as usual.  So I don't know if her system is still waking up from the surgery - she had an awful time after her illeostomy reversal; I think her system was just almost paralyzed for a few months.

She has not had any issues like you are describing.  Have you eaten anything different, maybe because of the holidays?  Have you talked to a doctor?  Is it possible you may have developed a type of irritable bowel?  I hope your system will correct itself and your problems go away on their own soon.  ♥

By the way, my last posts have talked about small lesions which have been growing in Mother's lungs for the past year.  She recently had a biopsy and NO cancer was found!!!  :)  They're still trying to figure out exactly what it is, and there's a slight possibility the biopsy could have missed cancer cells, but it's not likely; and we are rejoicing in the good news!

RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by bbeenjamin on Thu Dec 19, 2013 07:56 PM

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some herbs would be helpful

RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by LongJourney on Thu Dec 19, 2013 09:57 PM

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HI Fran:

Strange I should read this today. I am a four year survivor, also coloretal cancer. I, too, started suffering from terrible bloating and gas along with extremely needed quick trips to any "John" I could find.  Today we were on our way to look at a new home and I had to stop at a supermarket because I knew where I'd find their bathroom. LOL  I know lots of bathrooms in town these days.  It has been like that since my surgery.

 Feel free to write if you have anymore questions, we aren't alone here.


RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by richeyt on Fri Dec 27, 2013 03:41 PM

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I had a partial colectomy 10/10.  I have had exploive bowel movements 20+ times a day even while eating at times.  I have rashes bloating, and all kinds of other issues from this including pain.  I also struggle with low potassium and magnesium which has been life threatening due to the heart problems that causes.  I lost my ascending colon where alot of absorption take place so I have to take numerous vitamins(20-25 total pills) per day just to keep my levels minimal. I now have enlarged lymph node in my abdomen and a spot on my lung(never smoker).

RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by LongJourney on Fri Dec 27, 2013 05:24 PM

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Hi Richeyt

But you are a survivor, at least that is what they keep trying to tell me.  I have been where you are after 4  years of being cancer free. I was also a prisoner in my home because of uncontrolable diarrhea. With  my Doctors approval I was started on a regime of Imodium, taking two in the  morning and if diarrhea occured I was to take two more. I am allowed up to 8 a day. It seems to control my diarrhea MOST of the time. I also learned that if I  was eating out I would take two more for that "just in case" scenario. I was never sorry. I was also taken off Feosol because that, too, can cause diarrhea. Make sure you check out your vitamins as a lot of them have side effects of diarrhea.  We are our own BEST advocate, we pay more attention to our  bodies and what they are telling us than any doctor can imagine. They aren't with us 24/7 they can't possibly "get it." I have been on coumadin for 10-12 years due to a pulmonary embolism but was recently changed over to Xarelto as I just had another blood clot.  It can be maddening to have "unexpected" diarrhea and embarrassing when out in a restaurant. I stopped eating out and stopped inviting people to my home because of embarrassment. I'm now venturing outside and learning to keep more active as sitting around doesn't make it any better.  I had been hospitalized last year for 3 month due to diarrhea every 20 minutes. They could not find a cause. I had every single test they could to from swollowing a camera to colonoscopy, ct scans, mri's and more. I left the hospital and went to another and learned my arteries leading from my heart to my small bowel was clogged. After two stents were put in I was a little better but not cured.  I still can have bouts of diarrhea but now I finally can tell it's going to happen.  I, like you, had 14 inches of my bowel removed after cancer surgery. It has now been deemed, by my doctors, that all of my problems stem from having had cancer and chemo along with 25 radiation treatments. I will never be the same but I can now at least attempt to control my problem.  If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.l  I know where you are coming from and here I thought I was the only one out there with all of this happening.  Thanks for sharing, you'll never know who it helps. 

RE: I am a colorectal survivor, but now 2 years out having some problems

by marti152 on Fri Dec 27, 2013 05:32 PM

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I too am a colorectal cancer survivor - six years and to say the least, bowel movements are always an adventure for me.

I could write a lot but let me keep it short and sweet. I had the bloating, the gas, the explosions, never knowing when we would have to run. Constipation was less of a problem. It took me years to discover with a new internist that the muscle between my colon and my stomach was removed during surgery.

So sometimes the bacteria from my stomach goes into my colon and vice a versa and it causes a bacterial infectioin. This infection causes stomach pain, nausea, diahreea, chills etc.

The dr has given my 3 rounds of antibiotics spread out over the past year for each time I get this. Finally she said eventually the antibiotics will not work. You need to be taking probiotics the next time this happens.

I researched probiotics. They did help. I bought over the counter ones. It takes your system a couple days to get use to them and then everything settles down and all is good.

But then I started looking into natural probiotics and low and behold, I found sauerkraut.

I am in CA. I went to the store and I bought Buble's Saurkraut - naturally fermented - in a glass jar. It has to bubble when you open the jar. I started eating a tablespoon 3 or 4 times a day, stopped the probiotic capsules and ate saurkraut and it is such a god send.

Now my sister and I make our own saurkraut.

Please look into this for your situation. It certainly can't hurt the situation.

Like my dr said to me. Your gut is actually a like a septic tank that needs to keep its good and bad bacteria balanced. If they (the bacteria) get out of sync, then that "out of sync" gets passed from stomach to colon and it becomes a painful mess.

So take a look at the info out there and see if it might be something useful to you.

Take care.

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