Prevention With Resveratrol and Angiogenesis

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Prevention With Resveratrol and Angiogenesis

by blessedlife on Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:24 AM

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Dear friends,

I have learnt about this new breakthrough in cancer prevention and I feel the obligation to share it. My family has a history of cancer and honestly, I'm worried about it too. I have learnt that Resveratrol a naturally occuring substance  is a potent anti-oxidant.

Article reference:

And this TED talk by Dr William Li talks about angiogenesis and the possibility of starving cancer through one's diet:

I have also learnt about a product that does both as mentioned, and it is all natural and has been supported by medical practitioners.:

I hope the infomation i have shared is helpful. And I wish everybody good health and happiness.

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