in search of miracle to help us find people who will help us fight thymoma

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in search of miracle to help us find people who will help us fight thymoma

by raanada on Wed Sep 17, 2014 01:16 AM

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I ask my fellow believers to please pray for the man who gave me a second chance at love.  Please be the miracle that I am praying for to help me give him a second chance to life and pray over for his thymoma to be gone.

(I wrote this blog about us.. please read on)

People only get one shot at life and one shot at love.  I know and I believe this.  But some are blessed to be given a second chance at love or life or both.

Like me.

I was really blessed when I was given a second chance at love when I met Sonny Boy Bartolome, 21.  I am 36.  How can this even be possible?  It is because it is true love.

He was my student from a school I taught before.  He is not the type of man that I would fall for, at least when he was my student in a Chemistry class. Besides that, I was not so happily married then.  So chance of me falling for him is zero.

But even then, he was kind to me as his teacher.  He will be the one looking suspiciously at me whenever he asked where my bruises come from, or why do I feel sad, or even why I cry whenever he would catch me crying.  He would always tell me that everything will be ok with me and my ex husband whenever, he will catch me lying about my bruises or why I cry.

I left that school for a work in Indonesia.  We lost communication.  I got separated after years of battery and cheating on from my ex husband.

I came home to Philippines in 2009 for a vacation.  A year after my separation.  He sent me a forwarded chain text message.  I replied.  He texted back and so our communication opened.

We met again, but this time, the boy that he was was different from the man that he is when we met.  Instantly, I got the chance to find someone who would help me forget the pains.  But him, He told me how long had he been in love with me.  He told me that he started liking me when he was still in grade 6.  He saw me walking with my head down and he told himself, one day that woman will never look sad again. Though, I wasn't really serious at committing again, because during that time, I was just using him to relieve me of pain from my estranged marriage, he was really serious to prove that he loves me.

I left for Indonesia again, but he kept in touch.  He would message me daily, I would answer weekly.  He waited for 4 years before I finally realized that I, too am in love with him.

My mind wrestled against my heart because of our age gap.  But he is decided to fight for his love to mine.

I finally decided to go back to Philippines for good, to be with my kids and to take this chance to love.  And until this day that I am writing this, he never fails to show me how valuable I am as a woman and how much he loves me.

Everything is perfect despite occasional ticks in my work and family matters, things between us is perfect.  I am in bliss!

Then, just a week ago, he was diagnosed with Thymoma and is now fighting for his life.  I am in shock!  I couldn't believe what I heard from the doctors.  But as a Christian, I am hopeful that he will survive this and will get his second chance to life.

My prayer is, whatever grace God has given me be extended to him.  And whatever happens, we will fight for our love and for his life until the last beating of our hearts.

He gave me a new life by giving me his love, now I will fight for our love by giving him a chance to life by asking for blessing to God, the giver of life.

Financial may be a problem for us, but I believe that God will provide, I believe that there will be people who will fight with us.

I believe in miracles.  Just as much as finding your true love is a miracle, I believe that this miracle will lead us to finding people who will help us fight his thymoma and make him live until we're old and grey.

RE: in search of miracle to help us find people who will help us fight thymoma

by Jenkins on Sun Mar 29, 2015 01:08 PM

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You got my prayers. Be strong. Miracles happen quite a bit if you beleive.

RE: in search of miracle to help us find people who will help us fight thymoma

by JesusWorks9 on Thu Sep 24, 2015 05:59 PM

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Find an Apostolic Church which preaches Jesus's name baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost- affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International. Take him there and ask the people of God to lay hands on him and pray - JUST TRY IT!!

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