Squamous Carcinoma of Cervix(Mirco Invasive 2)Koilocytic Atypia

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Squamous Carcinoma of Cervix(Mirco Invasive 2)Koilocytic Atypia

by MandyXiao on Sat May 23, 2015 08:07 AM

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Hi...My name is Mandy...I have had my cone biopsy done on 7th March 2015,

On 18th May, the report stated :

1) Endocervix shows evidence of chronic cervicities.  Ectocervix is normal.

2) Transitional zone shows squamous metaplasia with loss of polarity invovling the full thickness in 9 blocks (total 15 blocks).  There is a focal glandular involvement.  Multiple foci of breach of basement membrane and infiltration of the stroma is noted.  Maxium depth of invasion is 1.0mm.  There are many koilcytes.  The margin of excisionare clear of all the abnormalities.

Final diagnois :  squamous carcinoma of Cervix (mirco invasive 2) Koiloctic atypia...

May i know what does all the above mean..the doc insisted me to have hysterectomy.......is that necessary?? or i can have the choice to have my pap smear test again???

I desperately need some advice here...URGENT! I was given 2 weeks time to give them a reply ...please help....Many thanks

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