Father's day

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Father's day

by eastwest on Thu Jun 25, 2015 02:53 AM

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Hi Friends   Wondering how the day went for the dad's alone here and for those who dealt with the loss of a dad/husband. So hard either way.

I took flowers up to Phil's ( my uncle and grandfather too)resting spots on Thursday and then meandered down to my friend's house for the weekend. I had a mug made with a pic of him and his two sons and his grand daughter and little Emme on the otherside.

We sang some old time songs that my grandparents and I sang in the car when I was a child. Found myself getting teary about it all. Missing those father figures.

His sons who live local to him texted happy father's day. I was really disappointed they didn't call or visit or take him out to breakfast. I have heard them say how much they miss their mom. Well someday their dad won't be around and right now they could be spending time with him! You would think they would treasure the time possible. I guess some people never learn. I was gonna come home early but then he asked me out to dinner and I wanted him to have as good a day as possible. We took Emme for a nice drive and looked at sand sculptures and watched the Phillies game on TV too.

My boys were with their wives and kids and I called them both. I know how they miss their dad. I always tell them to do their best cause it is what he would have wanted. Irene

RE: Father's day

by Fredward on Thu Jun 25, 2015 03:23 AM

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Father's Day was rough but we got through it.  I lost my husband to cancer in June of 2013 and my father in an accident in December of 2013, so it's a double whammy.  I still have my father-in-law and although I can honestly say he has treated me and my kids ok, he is one of the poorest excuses of a father I have ever seen.  I will always respect that he is the father of my husband and will treat him accordingly but I just couldn't see him on father's day.  I took a gift to him the day before.  I visited the graves then went to my mother's for awhile.  My kids were in touch with me to check on me and I know it was hard for each of them too.  One was married shortly after my husband died and the other just got engaged.  

It's hard to go through these milestones without Jim.  At least he knew and loved our daughter-in-law, but he never met the one to be and he missed ours youngest son's college graduation.  I wish so much that he was here.

And my father was such as strong supporter when my husband was battling his cancer.  He was an amazing man, the most selfless individual I've ever known.  He gave his all right up until he took his last breath.

I too wish people would understand that lives can change in an instant and once our loved ones are gone that's it.  My father was alive and well on Christmas Day and then was gone the next day just like that.  Miss him and my husband terribly.

Best wishes to you.

RE: Father's day

by eternalife on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:33 AM

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Hi Irene,

My husband , my father and father in law are gone. My heavenly father is the one who gives me big hugs every day.

My daughter and son couldn't come by the house last Sunday, I think they may have wanted to avoid the " celebration" of a father's day.. and I don't blame them.. every day should be father's day, like mother's day.. it has turned commercial, cards presents, etc .. etc. ..

I will go out for dinner tomorrow with my kids and raise a glass to all the dads once in my life....

Take care,

They are gone, but not forgotten.

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